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Immigrant Foodways: Sarmale

Sarmale, stuffed grape leaves or sour cabbage leaves is a staple food from Romania, traditionally served during Christmas, Easter, weddings, and other special occasions. Known as holubky or halupki in the Czech…

*Postponed* Immigrant Foodways: Sarmale

*Postponed, new date TBD* Join Coach Alina to learn how to make this staple food that is originally from the Balkans. You may have heard about this dish commonly known as Dolmades…
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Culture and Connections

Art removes borders. It breaks down barriers, too. At the NCSML, art plays an important role in our programs, exhibits, and even the store. It also opened the door to a conversation…

Meet Czech Republic

Meet the Czech Republic Česká republika The Czech Republic is a country in Central Europe. The people who live there speak Czech. It borders Slovakia (whose people speak Slovak), Poland (whose people…