Tricia Bender
Collections Manager
Email: tbender[at]ncsml.org

Leroy Bradway
Cataloging Librarian
Email: lbradway[at]ncsml.org

Pat Burrows
Museum Store Associate
Email: pburrows[at]ncsml.org

Julian DeBrower
Stewardship and Volunteer Coordinator
Email: jdebrower[at]ncsml.org

Michelle Dupuy
Marketing Content Specialist
Email: mdupuy[at]ncsml.org

Nicole Everhart
Events Services Manager
Email: neverhart[at]ncsml.org

Romana Goodell
Events Services Assistant Manager
Email: rgoodell[at]ncsml.org

Stefanie Kohn
Email: skohn[at]ncsml.org

Linda Lovell
Event Services Associate

Rick Martin
Community Outreach and Development Coordinator
Email: rmartin[at]ncsml.org

Mandy Meyer
Assistant, Museum Store and Visitor Services
Email: mmeyer[at]ncsml.org

Mike Moore
Director of Finance
Email: mmoore[at]ncsml.org

David Muhlena
Library Director
Email: dmuhlena[at]ncsml.org

Carol Olson
Email: colson[at]ncsml.org

Tisha Ritter
Chief Advancement Officer
Email: tritter[at]ncsml.org

Cecilia Rokusek
President and CEO
Email: crokusek[at]ncsml.org

Andrea Siebenmann
Store Manager & Director of Volunteer Services
Email: asiebenmann[at]ncsml.org

Michelle Simoneau
Special Executive Assistant to the President/CEO
Email: msimoneau[at]ncsml.org

Grant Smith
Director of Facilities
Email: gsmith[at]ncsml.org

Melina Testin
Lifelong Learning Specialist
Email: mtestin[at]ncsml.org

Jennifer Thiele
Community Outreach and Development Director
Email: jthiele[at]ncsml.org

Ian Zwaschka
Museum Store Associate
Email: izwaschka[at]ncsml.org