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The NCSML provides a multicultural adventure, connecting students to the larger, global community in a personal manner.

What We Offer

Maňa Curriculum

Maňa: One Girl’s Story, A comprehensive experience geared for elementary school students studying immigration. Those living close enough to visit can schedule an onsite study trip. Anyone can access the lesson plans and resources for their classroom.

K-12 Educational Offerings
  • Customized onsite study trips for pre-K through college students, designed to enrich teachers’ curriculum.
  • Resources for educators and parents on Czech history, traditions, and culture.
  • Opportunities for community education and professional development.
68.77.89 Curriculum

The 68.77.89 curriculum is a set of lessons for students based on the dramatic 20th-century history of Czechoslovakia and its culture of dissident, form the 1968 Prague Spring invasion and its aftermath, through the Charter 77 movement, to the 1989 Velvet Revolution.

NCSML Youth Council

The NCSML Youth Council is a cultural leadership board for teenagers who want to make a difference in their community, gain museum experience, and make new friends with teens from around the city. The Youth Council meets quarterly to design and facilitate public teen programs and also serves as ambassadors when the museum has important cultural visitors.

Speaker's Bureau

The NCSML Speakers’ Bureau has a wide variety of topics and presentations to share with the public, and our staff are more than glad to work with organizations, clubs, churches and schools to bring our offerings to your community.