“Better, Stronger, and Wiser: post-pandemic 2022 showed us that people are truly eager to come back to the NCSML! Contributions in 2022 helped YOUR National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library continue to preserve, protect, and promote unique stories of Czech, Slovak, and American history, as well as promote the important themes of freedom, democracy, and immigration. In addition to the permanent exhibit, 12 temporary exhibits, and 15 traveling exhibits, NCSML was able to host, and transmit digitally around the world, many talented artists, educators, lecturers, and guests. As we celebrate the end of 2022, please join us as we help preserve Czech and Slovak history and culture for future generations. Thank you, Dekuji, Dakujem!  We look forward to connecting with you in many different ways throughout 2023!”

Any unrestricted donation you make to the NCSML of $250 or more includes a Sustaining Level Membership.

Any unrestricted donation or multiple donations totaling $1,000 in a given year automatically qualifies for President’s Society, which includes an invitation to our President’s Society Preciosa Gala.

Support our mission through a tax-deductible donation that fits your lifestyle:

Monthly Giving

The benefits:

  • It’s hassle-free! We’ll automatically take care of your withdrawal so you won’t need to remember it.
  • This is an eco-friendly giving option. No printed forms and no postage involved!
  • An annual tax receipt each January, documenting cumulative gifts for the calendar year.
  • The satisfaction of knowing your monthly gift goes to a good cause.

Common Questions:

What is the NCSML Clockwork Donors program?

Our NCSML Clockwork Donors give to the NCSML on a monthly basis, allowing them to make smaller gifts over a longer period of time and making a large impact on the NCSML mission! The Clockwork Donors program is easy to use; just sign up on our Monthly Giving form, and we will begin your monthly withdrawals for the amount you set.

How do I sign up?

On our Monthly Giving Form, or by contacting Laura McGrath at 319-362-8500 x 205 or email development@ncsml.org to set up payment.

What if my credit card expires or changes?

If your credit card expires or changes, please call Laura McGrath at 319-362-8500 x 205 or email development@ncsml.org. If your credit card cannot be charged, we will send you a notice to update your information.

How can I give?

At this time, monthly giving is available on credit cards: Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express. Gifts of this kind must be at least $5 or more per month. The donor may choose to help cover the credit card processing cost, allowing 100 percent of their gift to go to the NCSML.

How can I change or stop my monthly giving?

You can change or stop your monthly giving any time. Simply contact the NCSML and notify us of your plans to cancel or change the amount your gift, and we will add the appropriate stop-date to your payments. Please contact Laura McGrath at 319-362-8500 x 205 or email development@ncsml.org.