Dear friends of the NCSML,

As we enter this holy weekend, on behalf of the entire NCSML family and our Board of Trustees, I want to wish you a Happy Easter and a Happy Passover. These are indeed historic times in our world. Together, we shall overcome these challenges that now face us. As our NCSML motto “Preserve the Past, Celebrate the Present, and Create the Future” is more important now than ever before in my lifetime, I want to thank you for your continued interest, connections, and support of our cherished museum and library. Please try to enjoy the weekend with those you love, and in your prayers please remember and be grateful to all the people around us in healthcare, the food industry, the airlines, the transportation lines, and law enforcement and safety who are the true heroes in the pandemic. Know too that the NCSML is here for you and please enjoy our programs, educational initiatives, exhibits, and activates we now have for you in the virtual world. Stay tuned as more great surprises will be coming. Stay safe and well.

Cecilia Rokusek, Ed.D., M.Sc., RDN
President & CEO

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