Thank you to all donors, members, and friends who make these programs possible by your participation and support.

Revolution 1989  February 9 – Sept. 8: To mark the 30th anniversary of 1989’s Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia, the NCSML tells the story in an original exhibition that features film footage, eyewitness accounts, music and an array of artifacts. The exhibit will explore the year 1989 as communist regimes worldwide experienced major unrest, including stories from China, East Germany, Poland and Czechoslovakia. This exhibition is sponsored by Western Fraternal Life.

Revolution 1989

Bohemia on Record: Mapping Early Sound Recordings of Czech Settlers in the USA  May 5: Filip Šír is coordinator of digitization of audio documents in the Digitization and New Media Department at the National Museum in Prague. In 2017, together with Gabriel Gössel, he was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Association for Recorded Sound Collections for his contribution to historical research for the book Recorded Sound in Czech Lands 1900-1946. In his presentation he will talk about the history of sound recordings by Czech immigrants to the USA in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and introduce his latest book, Bohemia on Records: Early Czech Sound Recordings in the United States.

Bohemia on Record

Lullaby:  Babies in Slovak Folk Dress   April 13-Oct. 9:  Slovak photographer Monika Klučiarová combines stunning Slovak folk dress (kroje) with adorable 10-day old babies to create spectacular portraits. The artist perceives the Slovak folk kroje as mosaics consisting of many details that result in one priceless whole. In addition to the Slovak cultural heritage value, the kroje showcase incredible colors and geometric and other patterns that naturally lend themselves as objects of photographic art. This exhibition is sponsored by Western Fraternal Life.

Babies in Slovak Dress

Food Tour of Historic Czech Village  May 1:  Learn about the unique history behind this fascinating neighborhood while sampling food and drinks. Special stories associated with food and restaurants in the Village will be highlighted. This program is sponsored by CRST International.

Food tour of Czech Village

There is much more going on at the NCSML than the sampling above. You can search the calendar of events to help your plan visits and trips.  For more information about any of the NCSML’s many programs, call 319-362-8500.

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