By Becky Robinson, Development & Fundraising Events Manager

If the NCSML has an event to raise funds, you can be sure that Becky Robinson is behind it. To her, the events are not just about funds, logistics, and details.  Find out what matters most to her in her own words.

I have always enjoyed bringing people together. I also have always been a planner. I have to-do lists for my to-do lists. I know some of you know what I mean. BrewNost is definitely an opportunity to let both shine. BrewNost has so many moving parts, which many people know nothing about, but they all are part of creating one amazing night.

Last year was my first BrewNost, and let me tell you, it is something I will never forget. Sometimes you get so caught up in all the little details it is hard to see the big picture. Last year as I was running around and checking in with people, making sure everything was running smoothly, I stopped for a minute at the top of the stairs in front of Rozek Grand Hall. As I looked out on the sea of people, I took a deep breath in to enjoy the space I was able to be a part of creating to bring joy to all of those people, even if for just one night.

As I exhaled, I thought of the children who walk up those very same steps after getting off the yellow buses during the school year. I thought of the amazing NCSML team that takes them in and teaches them things they never knew before. Our team connects the life those kids live every day with the lives that have experienced life through the eyes of Czechs and Slovaks. BrewNost might be one night, but the support it brings in provides experiences all year long, and that makes my job so worth it.

If you haven’t been to BrewNost yet, consider coming to be a part of the smile on the children’s faces as they spend their time with us. Auction participants will help specifically raise funds for the study trip fund that brings children and teachers to the NCSML at no charge. If you have been to BrewNost, we can’t thank you enough.

BrewNost celebrates 15 years of sharing memories on Friday, Sept. 14. I hope to see you there.

Tickets available on the BrewNost page

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