You’ll find a lot of names on the NCSML web site. They represent the generosity and commitment of those who make the NCSML’s mission and vision achievable. Individuals, businesses, and foundations provide gifts, sponsorships, and grants as planned gifts, in-kind gifts, and direct support. This generosity is not just a Cedar Rapids thing, or just an Iowa thing. It is a national-level commitment that brings pride to the local supporters and sense of connection to others around the country. It is not the money that matters, it is the people associated with those names.

I shared with someone the other day that we cannot ask for money without providing meaning first. I’m proud to say that as I meet donors around the country, it is clear that the NCSML has shown them the meaning of its work. And we have heard the meaning of the lives that comprise Czech and Slovak history and culture.

Names listed as sponsors of events and programs, as members of the Legacy Society or President’s Society, as honorees on the Wall of Tribute, as members of the NCSML, and in other places remind us that dollars are great, but donors are better. The people always come first. We are honored and humbled by the myriad stories of generosity that make our work possible.

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