My wife and I have three Christmas trees this year.  Two are real, though that is a departure for us over the habits of the past few years. One of the trees will bear the ornaments that have been part of my life and story for the past 36 years. It now carries ornaments of our story together, too. The artificial tree holds her traditional ornaments. I believe the multiple-tree concept will now be a tradition for us. As I decorated the tree that includes more personal ornaments, I noted a lot of history and many stories in those them that convey love of family, fishing, and photography. The Christmas tree on display in the NCSML’s grand hall, long a project of volunteer Dell Mills, conveys much about traditions and culture, too, not for a person or a couple, but for people and cultures. There is meaning to everything on the tree.

Here are the meanings of the ornaments on the Czech Christmas tree. Read more about the NCSML tree here.)

ANGELS – top the tree, closest to Heaven

APPLES – Adam & Eve, the Garden of Eden

BIRDS – represent Joy and Cheerfulness

CARROTS – bring good luck in the kitchen

DOVES – symbolize Peace and Love

MORAVIAN STARS – beginning of Advent

MUSHROOMS – good fortune is at hand!

ORANGES – fruit at Christmas time used to be unobtainable and was considered a rare treat!


POPCORN GARLAND – represents the rope Joseph used to lead the donkey to Bethlehem

TREE SKIRT – baby Jesus’ swaddling cloth

WALNUTS – gifts brought by the wise men

WHEAT – life, prosperity, and nourishment

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