The Museum Store at the NCSML is proud to introduce a new line of board games from independent board games company Czech Games Edition, whose focus is publishing games by Czech and Slovak authors and designers. CGE was founded in 2006 in Kladno, Czech Republic (a 40-minute drive from Prague) by a group of people who love board games and enjoy creating entertainment for players like themselves. They’ve published nearly 40 board games and expansions as well as a novel based on their game series, Galaxy Trucker. Some of their other notable games include Codenames, Through the Ages, and, featured here, Alchemists. CGE creates immersive environments for gamers often pairing the play with companion apps and even soundtracks. Their games and expansions are currently published worldwide in over 30 different languages. A wide selection of these board games as well as the novel Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road by Jason Holt are available now in the Museum Store and online here.

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