A Century of Robots: From Čapek to Now

June 15 – October 25, 2020

June 15 - October 25, 2020

Smith Gallery

The exhibition marks the 100th anniversary of Karel Čapek’s play, R.U.R., in 2020. Čapek (1890-1938) was a Czech writer, playwright and critic best known for his science fiction works. R.U.R., which stands for Rossum’s Universal Robots, introduced the word robot. He also wrote politically-charged works dealing with the social turmoil of his time. Visitors will gain an appreciation for Čapek’s life and work, and understand the connection between a Czech author and one of the most fascinating technical revolutions of the 20th century.

* Due to COVID-19, the robots from MRISAR will not be part of the exhibition.

Exhibit Sponsors: Collins Aerospace, Western Fraternal Life, and Transamerica.

Collins Aerospace

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