Moravian Glory: Preserving Our Brilliance

The exhibit shows life in Moravia describing the specific destiny of a woman, great-grandmother Maryška, from Charvátská Nová Ves. With four seasons in the background, the stages of human life take place: childhood, youth, adulthood and old age. The customs and traditions of the seasons are associated with Maryška’s destiny, which are also in many ways typical to many other women in the 20th century. Important historical moments, such as world wars, are recollected through the lens of her life. Maryška’s passage through time also exemplifies the development of the 20th century lifestyle and, at the same time, illustrates how folklore heritage is still preserved in Moravia to this day. Woven throughout the panels are authentic period materials, recipes, stylized photographs, and graphics. While it is in English, the rhymes are left in the Czech language.

This NCSML traveling exhibition was generously created by Moravian Glory and was supported by ALBAform Inc. and Tisk Palka s.r.o.

The NCSML traveling exhibition program is generously supported by American Czech Association, Los Angeles and American Sokol Los Angeles.

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