The historic events of 1989 did not come from nowhere, nor have the ripples from that period stopped moving.  History, culture, and connections work that way. The NCSML’s new original exhibition, Revolution 1989, provides a view of the collision between communism and freedom, and the world’s reaction to oppression. As people innately strive for freedom, the lessons learned from that era’s confrontations in China, East Germany, Poland, and Czechoslovakia will retain their importance for decades and centuries to come. The value is found in the stories’ truths.

Over the years, I have had the honor of experiencing insightful, personal conversations with people who experienced the oppression and/or revolution and/or freedom of the influences that made 1989 as important as it was, and is. I feel like I can better understand the words in articles and books when I hear voices tell stories.  Our recognition during 2019 of 1989’s impact will include art and articles, stories and storytellers.

There is nothing quite like listening to people’s stories. You can get many perspectives of life that led to 1989’s turbulence, and life after in the stories shared in the NCSML’s oral history collection.  More than 165 oral histories—including summaries, videos, and transcripts—are included. People’s stories connect us and create the opportunity for understand yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

What is your story?  I would love to hear it.  Contact me at 832-877-8821 or at


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