Stories of Generosity

While reading the names of the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library Legacy Society members, those who have left the NCSML in their estates and other planned giving methods, I was made more aware of those who have passed away.

These people had lives similar to mine, yet totally different. They had dreams like yours, but very different. They had no idea when they were young what impact they would have on the future through their generosity and thoughtfulness.

I was reminded of a scene from the movie Dead Poets Society when English teacher John Keating (played by Robin Williams) took his students into the hallway to look at old photographs of students from decades before. The scene is powerful and from where his poignant reference to carpe diem comes.  Seize the day; carpe diem.

Donors seize the day with every contribution and every commitment to their chosen beneficiaries. Doing so, they provide a chance for others to seize the day in the future.  Thank you, donors.

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