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“…and why it matters”

The Czech & Slovak Cultural Council of Minnesota’s event title, The Slovak National Uprising:  What happened 75 years ago, and why it matters begs the big question about history, culture and institutions like the NCSML:  “Why does it matter?”

The NCSML team is in the process of strategic planning with the goal of having a new multi-year plan within a few months.

At the core of all conversations will be the question — “Why does it matter?” – about every breath we take as it relates to donors, friends, members stakeholders, communities…and the future.

We do this for you.  Your friends and family. Your neighbors. Your future family members. Your community. Because yours is ours, and vice versa.

Our work to save and share the stories, wisdom, art and culture of Czech and Slovak cultures is more than just honoring those cultures.  Our work is about seeing humanity through the lenses of those cultures. With the more clear view, we can see better to connect, understand and improve today and tomorrow with the wisdom of yesterday. At its simplest, that is why our work and that of kindred organizations matter.

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