She has a motivational message on her desk that has been there to encourage her daily for years. It reminds her – “keeps me grounded,” she said – that each day should be used to make a difference because all that we have is the day we are living. She believes with her heart and soul that people have a responsibility to share whatever their talents and resources are to the benefit of others. Terri Christofferson has done exactly that for many, including the NCSML, for which she has a special message.

Terri has served on many boards and supported myriad organizations over the decades. Her service is not a “call to duty” as much as following an example she learned as a child by witnessing charitable giving in her family. It is also about making a difference every day with and through organizations that align with causes that she believes in. Neither Czech nor Slovak, she celebrates NCSML’s commitment to human dignity through Czech and Slovak story sharing. Time spent in Germany and witnessing the effects of communism and the Berlin Wall on dignity and freedom made the NCSML’s purpose more meaningful to her. “Sometimes you need experiences and challenges to really understand the depth of freedom,” she said.

Though she chooses where to place her gifts of time, talent, and treasure based upon organizational need, she also prefers to support initiatives that make a more long-lasting difference.

Terri made a special commitment to the NCSML President’s Endowment to honor retiring NCSML CEO, Gail Naughton. “Gail’s leadership and immense talent should be honored in a permanent way,” Terri said. She believes the CEO Endowment will help the NCSML continue its trajectory, and will also help attract talented leaders in the future.

Learn more about the CEO Endowment and make a contribution here. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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