Korvas Family Supports 50 Years of NCSML!

Dear friends of our iconic National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library (NCSML),

As we are well into the new year, we wish you all a very happy New Year 2024. This will indeed be a very special year at NCSML as it celebrates its 50th Anniversary. It is so incredible to see how this early vision in 1974 became such a splendid institution that we all can be so proud of.

The wonderful staff of NCSML have planned exhibits, programs, and events for the entire year to celebrate the 50 years of development and growth to carry out the Mission and Vision of NCSML. We are so proud of our rich cultural heritage, and we want to make sure that our history and culture is preserved for all generations. Our Czech and Slovak roots are so important to celebrate and preserve. Our ancestral stories are filled with pride, dedication, hard work, and love of the homelands. Whether we are first or fifth generation, Czech or Slovak, or no matter what cultural ancestry we have, the love of freedom and democracy was first and foremost for our ancestors.

As NCSML celebrates this golden time, we are again sponsoring the Korvas Challenge to have your donation doubled by the Korvas’ match of up to $10,000. We are hoping that with the 50th Anniversary, we can raise $50,000. NCSML is the only Czech and Slovak national museum and library in North America.

It is so important that the future be bright and that the rich stories of cultural preservation be there for all generations. Please join us in making this the best Korvas Challenge ever. We also encourage everyone to come to NCSML in 2024. There are special events, programs, and amazing exhibits, including works of Alphonse Mucha, throughout the entire year. See you at NCSML!

Tony and Cathy Korvas

Tony and Kathy Korvas

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