When I was a child, I loved listening to my parents tell stories about our family. The tales they shared were a bridge between the past and present. I didn’t meet all the family members who came before me, but I know them because of the memories passed down from generation to generation. Today, I share those stories with my own children and grandchildren, renewing the pride I have for my Czech heritage by helping them discover their own.

Anton & Josefa (Penc) Korvas

Museums are storytellers. The collections inside their hallowed halls illustrate the past and help visitors imagine the experiences of those who came before, helping us see how our histories shape families, communities, and the world. This is why my wife Cathy and I have pledged always to support the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library in its mission to preserve, present, and transcend unique stories of Czech and Slovak history and culture. We want these stories to be shared for generations to come in every family, not just our own.

Join us as we strive to continue the NCSML’s mission with The Kovas Family Matching Challenge. From now through April 30, 2021, we will match 100% of every donation made to the NCSML, up to a total of $10,000. This year’s challenge is an opportunity to double your impact, first with a financial gift, and second by sharing one of your unique family stories with us.

Tony & Cathy Korvas

This past year has taught us how important it is to connect with others. Stories are one way we stay together when circumstances force us to remain apart. Talk to your loved ones about the people, events, and memories that have shaped your family, and share them with us by filling out the form below. When we share our stories, we become part of each other’s worlds, adding another chapter to the tale our ancestors started long ago.

Thank you,
Tony and Cathy Korvas

Korvas Family Matching Challenge – Story Submission Form

The NCSML may use these stories online and in publications.

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