2018 has arrived, and your donation plans for this year may be affected by the recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. While many are forecasting negative outcomes for nonprofits, we have reason to be believe that significant new opportunities exist within the bill for those considering their estate planning philanthropy. As always,  we encourage all our friends of the NCSML to seek professional advice from their tax and estate planning advisor(s) before making decisions about their giving.

Based on some initial reviews of the bill by experts in the field, there is now even greater potential for planned gifts at all levels. Because of the virtual elimination of the federal estate tax for 99.9 percent of Americans, donors who wish to extend the reach of their philanthropy will have additional resources available to do so.

As you know, we strongly encourage planned giving opportunities at the NCSML because these gifts are crucial to our long-term sustainability and allow us to be more creative and mission-driven about the programs and exhibitions we can offer. People share because of their confidence, and trust, in an organization’s mission, purpose, and programs. We are committed to enhancing our value as a national museum and being excellent stewards of the support you have shown us. We are also committed to being collaborative partners with donors and their advisors to help make possible the most effective, impactful philanthropy possible for each donor.

Our current strategic plan and vision statement are perfect examples of the purpose that inspires the NCSML and why it is so important to support our work. You can find the strategic plan and vision statement on our website. Please consider learning more about the NCSML Legacy Society, and taking advantage of the planned giving opportunities inherent in the new tax bill. Our work matters. The communities we serve matter. And our donors make it all happen.

Please feel free to contact me at phone: 832-877-8821 or email:  DMcInnis@ncsml.org if you have any questions about possible current or planned giving opportunities you would like to explore. The opportunities to make a difference by helping us celebrate the stories, wisdom, and lessons learned from the Czech and Slovak experiences are many, ranging from monthly donations to naming opportunities, planned gifts and annuities to lead trusts, as well as capital gains tax-saving contributions of stocks, real estate, contributions from IRA accounts and more.

Thank you for empowering our dreams with your support. We look forward with great hope and optimism to 2018 and beyond.

Feel free to contact me for a copy of the myriad opportunities for support in 2018, to discuss planned giving opportunities, or to learn more about how to support the NCSML’s mission.

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