The Korvas Family: Helping People Help People Help the Museum

Tony and Cathy Korvas believe in the traditions and stories about Czechoslovakia they heard from their parents. So much so, they started their own tradition, and they do it in honor of their parents.

For the third year, Tony and Cathy offer The Korvas Family Matching Challenge.  They match 100 percent of individual contributions made to the museum in February and March up to $10,000.

They are particularly excited about the museum’s work that involves young people. “If we don’t invest in teaching young people, how will these valuable stories of freedom and perseverance stay alive?” Tony asked.

The April 7 opening of our upcoming exhibition, Guts & Glory: The War Train That Shaped a Nation, particularly caught their attention. It involves Cedar Rapids Community School District high school students from the MetroSTEAM Academy and from IowaBIG who are developing replica train cars and virtual reality experiences. The exhibit tells the story of the Czechoslovak Legion and the formation of the new nation of Czechoslovakia after World War I, 100 years ago.

The exhibit is part of the museum’s look at World War I, the people who lived through it, and the significant lessons shared in stories of determination, resilience, and triumph. “They are stories of the Czechoslovak experience, of people and events that happened 100 years ago, yes, but they teach us so much about our lives today,” Tony said.

As diverse as the stories are the myriad ways to help the museum. The Korvases chose to help people help the museum with their matching challenge.

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