Thank you to all donors, members, and friends who make these programs possible by your participation and support.

Current exhibits: There are six exhibitions currently on display, including our two long-standing exhibitions: Faces of Freedom and Immigrant Home. There are also exhibitions of: photography of the Roma; artifacts of what immigrants bring to Iowa; Revolution 1989; and, the art of Joza Uprka (this exhibit closes March 24).

Mia, a young Roma girl stands in front of a mermaid painted on the wall of a Roma home, in the old part of the Roma camp of Sintesti, Romania, in Setember 2004.

From India to America: Routes of the Roma  March 19  At this free event, one of the world’s foremost scholars on Romani history and human rights issues, Ian Hancock (professor emeritus at The University of Texas at Austin), will present on the history of the Romani people.

Lamb cake and moldsImmigrant Foodways: Easter Lamb Cake  March 30  Many Czechs, Slovaks, and Czech/Slovak Americans have a feast celebrating Easter that is centered around lamb and eggs – both are symbols of spring and rebirth. Traditionally, people would have lamb, but if you couldn’t afford that they would make lamb cake. Of course, this is the part that got passed down through the generations. Today we will be learning how to make and decorate our own lamb cake!

You can search the calendar of events to help your plan visits and trips.

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