There are myriad ways that individuals, businesses, and organizations rally to help nonprofits with important causes that resonate with donors’ values and interests. Last month, I mentioned the Korvas Family matching gift challenge. There is also an organizational match underway to benefit the NCSML with another long-time partner, the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation.

GCRCF-color-logoThe GCRCF is now matching contributions to the endowment it holds for the NCSML as part of an initiative whereby they will contribute a 1:3 match for gifts raised for the NCSML fund. This could mean a total $25,000 gift to the fund it holds for the NCSML if the NCSML raises $75,000 in endowment funds.

Donors can contribute here. The GCRCF and the NCSML have been steady partners for many years.

Endowments are critical to a nonprofit’s future. The stability of a permanent fund that generates spendable interest annually helps us to continue to develop important initiatives and serve our stakeholders in both challenging and flourishing times. Permanence is key to our mission to forever fulfill our mission. This permanence is also reflected in the GCRCF vision, “To be a trusted partner in charitable giving, improving the quality of life in our community…forever.”

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