“Yes, I have worked hard,” she said, “but that opportunity wouldn’t be there if all those other people before me weren’t as hard-working and resilient as they were. Honoring their tremendous work ethic is easy. I am the beneficiary of all that, and the chances they took.”

Proud of her Czech heritage on both sides of her family, Kim Kazimour has used dedication gifts a few times to honor her parents for who they are and what they have done. Though she moved from Cedar Rapids almost 40 years ago, she feels emotionally close to the NCSML. While she enjoys shopping online at the NCSML store, her strongest appreciation for the organization is because of how it celebrates the stories of cultures and people for whom she has a great sense of pride and connection.

Her experiences and heritage have influenced her career and the work that she pours into it. Among other things, she helped form GROW HUB, a nonprofit in Gainesville, Florida, that aims to help adults with disabilities and adult veterans find work that is significant to them. The purpose and the process of the organization seems to have been largely pollinated by Kim’s past. “It is not just the work,” she said, “but the things that are learned while working, like socializing, team work, problem solving, and learning from others.” Some of her favorite family stories involve similar activities that allowed for sharing to happen and connection to bloom.

Just as growing has its seasons and cycles, so too did her giving. “After I gave the gift, I felt a real connection and a closing of the circle. Because of all that was given to me by my parents and relatives, I could now give back to honor all those before me. It was a perfect fit.”

To learn more about the Summer Dedication opportunities, contact Emily Stochl, director of development at EStochl@NSCML.org or 319-362-8500.

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