What’s in a nameplate?

Filipi nameplateYou will find many names in the NCSML, which is not unusual for a museum. Nameplates and plaques can be found in a variety of places as donors celebrate their own journey in life or choose to honor someone they love, respect and honor. Those plates and plaques are signs of generosity, the generous ways in which the honorees lived their lives, sharing their love and values, and the generous expressions of the donors.

I encourage you to look at the many names on walls and cases, plaques and picnic tables, at the NCSML or any other nonprofit you visit.  Those are not just brass plates, but bookmarks for stories of people, lives lived and history. They represent an expression of love, respect and appreciation for people, for life and for the gifts of every day.

Later this month, the NCSML will launch its summer Dedication Drive that empowers donors to honor in special ways their own legacy or the imprints of others on their lives. The list of options will be a bit different this year than in the past, and we hope you find a way that fits your dedication goals.

To learn more about the many ways that you can support NCSML programs, please feel free to contact me at DMcInnis@NCSML.org.

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