A pony next door

I remember going to the library as a kid with my mom and sister. The floors were wood, and there was a pony in the field next to the two little buildings that comprised the home of stories, aromas (paper, bindings and wood) and discoveries. I loved the All About series of books, in particular, that shared knowledge and information about science through an extensive set published by Random House in the 1950s and ‘60s. They did a masterful job of entertaining and educating this young boy in fields that could be overwhelming.  Ever since, I’ve appreciated libraries, particularly as they have transformed over the decades since the days of visits to a wood-floored place of treasures.

Library researchThe Skala Bartizal Library helps people with their own sense of being overwhelmed when it comes to the challenge of learning “all about” their lineage or curiosity about Czech and Slovak art, culture and history. Context is important whenever studying history, art or culture as conditions affect actions, and actions change conditions.  Such is the story of humanity.  Exploring at the library is like taking a tour that is “all about” people and their history, ways and adventures. The tour is “all about” you, people you know and people you don’t.

While our library doesn’t have wood floors or a pony next door, it does have myriad resources onsite and online that will help you feel less overwhelmed while you learn “all about” culture, history and genealogy from the Czech and Slovak region.

Share your stories with me! What have you been particularly surprised or proud to learn about your ancestors? I would love to hear more. Contact me at DMcInnis@NCSML.org.

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