Moravian Folk Artists Traveling to NCSML Will Teach Traditional Folk Art Classes

(Cedar Rapids, Iowa) – The National Czech and Slovak Museum (NCSML) is presenting its first ever folk-art masterclass from July 24-30. Two Moravian artists, Bára Bartošíková and Kristýna Homolová, will travel to NCSML to teach participants how to use Moravian Folk Art Motifs to decorate a variety of items including t-shirts, wine glasses, tea towels, and wall hangings. Folk-art is an excellent way to engage with history in a fun way, while keeping cultural traditions alive and creating beautiful art pieces.

The Czech and Slovak peoples have developed a stunning array of traditional art for centuries, despite almost constant oppression by outside forces. Their art is beloved throughout the world in regions with Czech and Slovak heritage. The motifs are a perfect coupling of abstract design and natural forms such as birds, flowers, leaves, hearts, or butterflies. Each region in Slovakia and the Czech Republic has its own special variants of motifs with different color combinations and patterns. The Moravian region is steeped in folklore and the traditional designs are still alive and thriving even in modern fashion created by folklore artists.

To learn more about the artists, the projects they will be leading, and how to sign up, visit or call (319) 362-8500.

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