Images Gone with Time - 1589Images Gone With Time
The images are so poignant depicting life in the 1950’s compared to my personal experiences as a young bride during those years and the primitive conditions that the Slovaks faced.
– Millie Wright, Volunteer


My Slovakia, My FamilyMy Slovakia, My Family
A fascinating story of how John found out his grandfather was the Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia! Made me pause to think about how our heritage can be more complicated than we think. It’s a great legacy.
– Gail Naughton, NCSML Executive Director



Some Girls, Some Hats and Hitler

Some Girls, Some Hats and Hitler
I recommend this book for anyone who likes history and likes a good personal story. The story is about Ms. Kanter and her life during 1938 and after. She is a successful business person in the hat business, a woman who has found her “true love” and a daughter who loves her parents. And then the Nazis come to Vienna.
She writes a vivid account of her friends, whom she describes perfectly. She writes of falling in love and Paris where she travels for business and the unfolding story in Vienna. Her story then tells of survival for herself, her parents, and her “true love” by using means she possesses through her determination and her constant hope.
The book is a fast read and one that everyone can relate by “pushing forward.”
I liked the “Library of Congress” page, which I always read in every book. The editors put a request out for anyone who knows where the original manuscript is or anything known about the book.
– Leigh White, NCSML Staff

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