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Images Gone With Time explores ways of life and customs that have been, for the most part, left in the past. Help us build an Instagram gallery starring you and the things you love. Share pictures of people, places, and traditions from your life that you would like to see remembered – your photo could be featured on our Facebook page!

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About the Exhibit:

The Smith Gallery hosts Images Gone With Time – Photographic Reflections of Slovak Folk Life: 1950-1965 until July 13. This exhibit features 40 photographs from the NCSML collection.

Igor Grossmann was a pharmacist turned photographer in the 1950s and 60s. He lived in a rural Slovak village, and realized that the life ways and customs he experienced were part of an old world that was rapidly being replaced with a modern, communist one. He took up his camera to document those customs before they were gone.

Grossman’s photographs capture the landscapes, people, and traditions of Slovak mountain villages, portraying the moment of transition between the old world and the new. As written in the introduction to Grossman’s book, “Images Gone With Time,” “Grossman’s photographs are the land of our memories of home. They are a record of our existence, a guarantee of our survival.”

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