NCSML to host History on Tap: Printers Revolt!

The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library invites you to put your activism to work with History on Tap: Printers Revolt!

Join artist Jenny Gringer for a virtual linocut carve along party from 6 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, September 15, and Thursday, September 17. Using printing blocks, attendees will carve images and/or text that can be used to mass produce prints to create signs, share with friends, and print on t-shirts. This workshop will have an informal feel and provide a venue for discussing the Artists as Activists exhibit and activism in our community.

Gringer is a self-taught printer who has honed her skills through experimentation and brute force. Art has been her jam since age four when she picked up a marker, drew an army of snowmen (accidentally) in a library book, and had to confess her crime to the children’s librarian. She tries to bring this level of lawlessness, unorthodoxy, and enthusiasm to all endeavors.

While this program is virtual, attendance is limited in order to give Gringer the opportunity to answer questions and participate in conversations. All attendees must register at or by calling the Museum at (319) 362-8500.

When you register, you have the option of choosing which level of supplies you wish to purchase. Options range from $10 to $45. Beer and/or wine add-ons also are available.

This program is sponsored by CRST International.

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