NCSML to host virtual author talk with Richard Askwith

1937---Lata-Brandisová-with-horseCzech equestrian Lata Brandisová was the only woman to win the Great Pardubice Steeplechase. Her victory over the Nazi officers at the 1937 race was seen as a symbol of Czech resistance against Nazi Germany, celebrated with parades attended by thousands, yet she spent the last 30 years of her life in poverty and obscurity.

British sports journalist Richard Askwith tells Brandisová’s remarkable story in his book, “Unbreakable: The Woman Who Defied The Nazis In The World’s Most Dangerous Horse Race,” and at 12 p.m. CDT on Tuesday, Nov. 17, he’ll share it with the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library through a virtual author talk.

Purchase a package to attend this online program. Three packages are available for purchase, ranging from $28 to $55. Each one includes a copy of “Unbreakable” as well as a bookplate signed by the author.

Visit or call the NCSML at (319) 362-8500 for more information.

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