NCSML logoCEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — This week the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library (NCSML) is strengthening ties between the United States and the Slovak Republic with the visit of Ms. Darya Bodrova, assistant to the Slovak Honorary Consul Mykhaylo Viktorovic Muzalev in Odessa, Ukraine.

NCSML President and CEO Cecilia Rokusek serves as a Slovak Honorary Consul in the United States, an unpaid diplomatic role that involves representing the interests of Slovak citizens in the United States. With Bodrova’s visit, Rokusek seeks to further NCSML’s mission of connecting people with Czech and Slovak history and culture internationally.

“The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library is a must-visit cultural gem celebrating our shared heritage,” says Rokusek. “But we envision a future where NCSML also elevates Cedar Rapids into a destination of international significance, a place that allows for the nurturing of diplomatic relationships between the United States and Central European countries.”

Bodrova’s visit on behalf of the Slovak Honorary Consulate in Odessa emphasizes the importance of honorary consuls connecting with each other around the world.

“This connection deepens understanding among members of our global society,” says Bodrova. “So much can be gained from cross-cultural exchanges, and I hope to strengthen the Slovak Honorary Consulate in Odessa’s ties to the NCSML. I’m pleased to be here and look forward to many more visits in the future.”

Bodrova planned her visit specifically to coincide with NCSML’s free public opening of the exhibit “Lullaby: Babies in Slovak Folk Dress” at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, April 12. The NCSML is honored to also host Helene Cincebeaux, world-renowned expert in and private collector of Czech and Slovak folk dress (kroje) and friend of Bodrova, and Monika Klučiarová, the Slovak photographer whose work is featured in the exhibit. Additionally, NCSML is hosting a Family Folk Day on Saturday, April 13 to continue the celebration of Czech and Slovak folk dress.

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