Decisions, decisions. Choosing the right gift can often be a challenge, including which gifts are made during the end-of-the-year giving season for nonprofits. While the Dec. 31 deadline looms large for tax purposes, studies show that most contributions are made because of a personal connection to a cause, purpose, mission, and vision that resonates between the donor and the beneficiary.  Given the myriad options to whom to donate funds, making the final decision(s) can push up against the deadline. Have no fear, whether the issue was too many options or procrastination, the NCSML makes it easy for you to make end-of-year contributions of funds or publicly traded stocks.  Here’s what to do.

Online giving. Our online giving page enables you to make a contribution quickly and easily. You can even choose to make contributions on a monthly basis so you don’t hit the deadline issue next year. You can also spread out payments over other intervals, too.

Stock transactions. Gifting stock is usually quite popular at year end. Contact me at or 832-877-8821 to initiate the transfer process.

If you would like to discuss various ways to designate your major gift and/or the various options for support, such as endowments and program designations, please feel free to contact me at or 832-877-8821.

And speaking of gifts, think of giving an NCSML membership to your friends and family. No matter where they live, they will appreciate the connection to the NCSML, receiving the Slovo magazine and the discounts they will receive at our store. Memberships are half-off through Dec. 31.

Featured Opportunities

  • The winter issue of Slovo magazine will focus on the Velvet Revolution through a variety of stories and articles. It can be dedicated, which provides you the back cover to use as an honor or memorial page to celebrate a theme or people important to you.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss this unique dedication opportunity. Slovo is a benefit of NCSML membership (Join here.) Past issues are available for purchase through the NCSML store.
  • Velvet Voices of Freedom Speech Competition. The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library seeks to honor Václav Havel and his many diverse talents by initiating the annual Velvet Voices of Freedom Speech Competition. The intention of the competition is to celebrate the incredible power of human passion expressed through speech to transform the world. High school students will perform a variety of Havel pieces and be judged by certified speech coaches and according to Iowa High School Speech Association standards. Donations are sought for awards for the winners.
  • Endowments. There is always a need for contributions to endowments because this organization will be here always. Solid, perpetual funding is critical to our long-term health.

You can learn more about supporting the NCSML’s programs here, and feel free to contact me with any questions at or 832-877-8821.

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