Šťastný Nový Rok!
Happy New Year!

As we welcome in 2023, we have so much to look forward to. The past two years have been challenging and the world is still not at peace but we have each other and we are living in a country where freedom, democracy, and individual dignity are valued each and every day. Most of us are the children of immigrants who sacrificed so much to build the democratic foundation that we have now.

So as we start writing 2023, let us think of the great things to happen in this year. In January there will be an election in the Czech Republic for a new president. In the same month, Croatia, the favorite summer vacation destination for both Czechs and Slovaks, will adopt the Euro and join Schengen. On June 2-4, all of the Czech School teachers from the US and Canada will meet for their annual meeting at the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library in Cedar Rapids, IA. Poland, part of the V-4 with the Czech and Slovak Republics and Hungary, will have their parliamentary elections in November. There is so much happening for us to commemorate as Czech and Slovaks but no doubt the biggest event to be celebrated all year will be the 30-year commemoration of the creation of two sovereign states, the Czech and Slovak Republics on January 1, 1993. From what was former Czechoslovakia, two separate autonomous countries became independent centers of freedom in Central Europe. We now view the Czech and Slovak Republics as real beacons of independence and democracy in a challenging world.

As we start the new year, may we continue to pray for and support our Slavic brothers and sisters in Ukraine. May they attain the freedoms that our ancestors fought and sacrificed for. I wish you much happiness and health in the new year. Please come to see us often at the NCSML. We in Cedar Rapids always have our welcome mat out for you.

I am wishing you heartfelt greetings for 2023.

Prajem vám srdečné pozdravy do roku 2023.

Cecilia Rokusek, Ed.D., M.Sc., RDN
NCSML President & CEO

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