‘Tis the season of gift giving. While we ask others for their gifts and support to enable us to complete our mission, vision, and goals, we are also proud of the gifts that our team and volunteers are able to give to the world through their time, talent, and spirit. We hope you enjoy them. Let’s unwrap some of them together.

Events: The NCSML hosts events throughout the year, ranging from BrewNost to egg decorating classes and myriad things in between. Come for the fun, the friendship, or the information gained; we have something for everyone, not just those of Czech or Slovak heritage. You can even export the NCSML calendar from the events page to make planning easier.

Online videos: No matter where you are or what time of day, you can enjoy various programs, presentations, music, and other activities that are streamed and recorded on Facebook, or preserved on our YouTube channel.  Watch thought-provoking lectures, enjoy music of your heritage, learn from the team members, and much more!

Social media: Whether for social engagement, gathering news, watching videos or looking for yourself in the photos of events you’ve attended, spending time in the museum’s social media sites like FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube or Pinterest can be a lot of fun, too.

Exhibitions: The permanent exhibition, Faces of Freedom, and a robust schedule of other exhibitions draw audiences of all ages from around the country. Did you know that we also have exhibitions that we send out to events, festivals and organizations? Our Traveling Exhibits are just part of our outreach as a national museum. We also offer an online collection to help you develop your own collection.

Classes: Classes ranging from egg decorating to bobbin lace making help us share with the others many of the long-loved cultural activities of Czech and Slovak cultures. There are also classes related to cooking through the Immigrant Foodways programs. Check the calendar for upcoming classes!

Lectures, Movies, and Music: We have a history of offering thought-provoking lectures on a variety of topics, as well as movies and musical performances. Several of these also are available at our video library on Facebook. The powerful oral histories will inspire you while revealing clearly the importance of our mission of celebrating freedom and human dignity. Enjoy on site at the museum or online at the web sites.

Knowledge: The NCSML is an educational nonprofit, and everything we do in one way or another passes on knowledge to viewers, participants, and members.  The Slovo magazine is an engaging resource sent to members, or for sale individually at our store. The Skala Bartizal Library is a non-circulating library that provides books, periodicals, musical recordings, and sheet music, videos, and archival materials.

Nostalgia: While pretty much everything we do will stimulate nostalgic feelings, perhaps it is the store that most allows people to own or share books, games, ornaments, and more that bring warm, nostalgic feelings. The online collection is assured to stir fond memories, too.

Venue: Couples choose the NCSML for their wedding site or for their anniversary events; individuals have milestone birthdays here; and businesses and organizations select the NCSML for meetings and retreats. Various size halls and a theater space are available for your needs, and creative professionals help you plan your event to perfection.

Fun.  Always, always fun is to be had when participating with the NCSML.

And more! Use the search function on our web site to discover even more.

Our gift to you in our mission:  “We are a museum that celebrates life. Czech life. Slovak life. American life. We are a museum that encourages self-discovery, a museum that asks what it means to be free. Through extraordinary exhibitions and experiences, we tell stories of freedom and identity, family and community, human rights and dignity. Our stories connect yesterday with today and tomorrow.”

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