Save the date! Hody will take place July 16 – 17, 2022.

More details to come as we plan this festive event!

View details about Hody 2021 here. 

The History of Hody

Hody is an annual traditional celebration held between May to November throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics. The celebration usually takes place on a Sunday and may last one or two more days. In the center of the event stands a festive maypole (in Czech: mája or májka), often almost 100 feet tall and built from two or three spruce trees. It’s usually manually erected one day before the festivity and stands in the center of a dancing place where people dance and sing with the accompaniment of the brass music.

The main organizer and arranger of Hody is a selected young boy called první stárek (the first stárek – literally the first “old one”). He and a group of young friends (somewhere they are called stáreks – Czech plural: stárci; or they can be called chasa) are responsible for the organization and smooth running of the event. Each stárek (or member of chasa) also has a girl partner, usually called starka or stárka. The boys and girls wears a traditional folk costume, which differs widely from region to region.

Hody Couple Dancing