It isn’t “new math” that proves one equals two. Or that one sometimes equals three or four. In fact, it is pretty old math – the math of matching gifts. Matching gifts have been around for decades through employers, and they often appear when a charitable foundation or individual donor agrees to match contributions from other donors for a specific campaign or purpose. It is in this way that a dollar donated can become two, three, or four dollars. One such opportunity exists right now at the NCSML because of a generous donor’s commitment to match gifts.

Many employers provide as a benefit to their employees a company match to the charitable contributions made by the employees. Wherever the employee sends their contribution, there too goes the corporate match if they properly apply for it. Some employers have restrictions to their matches, so be sure to check with your human resources department to get all the details.

Some companies provide matching gift benefits to their retirees, too. Others also will make contributions to nonprofits based on employee or retiree volunteer hours. There are many ways that your generosity of time and funds can be increased with matches.


Steve Michalicek, vice chair of the NCSML Board of Trustees, has made a community challenge. He will match all individuals’ contributions to the NCSML through the end of October up to a grand total of $10,000. Read more here about how the museum makes a difference in the lives of many because of charitable contributions and how to participate in this matching opportunity.

You can learn more about supporting the NCSML’s programs on the support page, and feel free to contact me with any questions at or 832-877-8821.

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